Tour of Churchill Archives

Special thanks to Allen Packwood, Director, Churchill Archives Centre, for providing Michael Seelman, representing Churchill Consultants, a "behind the scenes" tour of the historical treasures around Sir Winston Churchill's life and leadership.  The archives are the UK prime minister equivalent to the U.S. presidential library.  Particularly memorable was seeing the original handwritten correspondence from President Franklin D. Roosevelt to "Dear Winston" during World War II -- what an important friendship these two leaders formed at a crucial inflection point in our world's history.  Michael and Allen also discussed James MacGregor Burns' (JMB) study of FDR captured in the "Lion and the Fox" and "Roosevelt: The Soldier of Freedom" which earned JMB the Pulitzer Prize.  The archives are next to the The Møller Centre at Churchill College, Cambridge University, that hosted our Burns leadership conference.

Seelman and Packwood 2017edited.jpg