Honored to have collaborated with 100+ leaders in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, & Australia. Thank you for your feedback!

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Having taken recently a global role I needed a coach to help me get over the first months and position myself successfully. Michael has helped me get to the bottom of a multitude of issues, starting from how to align to my values and purpose and increase effectiveness at work. I have been impressed with his ability of flexing with my situations and giving me exactly the type of support I needed, every time.

I highly recommend Michael as an executive coach and I hope more people would be able to benefit of his great coaching skills.
— Vlad Bog, Global Group HR Director, Hero Group brand of food products
“Michael gave a great presentation on ‘Self-leadership and Happiness’ to my team via video conference. Engagement and happiness are topics that primarily come from inside oneself, but — in the day-to-day work — most people forget this, and end up relying on external stimulus to achieve work/private life fulfillment.

We had only booked Michael for 1 hour, but he still managed to deliver many thought-invoking inputs, and identified several actionable quick wins that each individual member can take with them.”
— Kasper Rasmussen, VP Strategic Partnerships, AirHelp
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“As a former hospital CEO and current president of a leadership training company, I had high expectations for my executive coach. Michael met and exceeded them.

With his help I was able to significantly expand my company’s reach and revenue in alignment with my values of servant leadership. He’s an expert at helping fellow eagles to soar!”
— Rob Followell, President, the Followell Company
When you work with Michael you enter a space full of trust, understanding, and the potential for transformation.

After some coaching sessions with Michael I did my first corporate training and I rocked it!

If you really want it, you too can transform and soar!
— Maria Tsangaridou, Confidence Trainer & Coach
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I met Michael after starting a position at a high-growth startup. He has helped me to understand my role, my goals, and my opportunities in a complex environment in just a matter of months.

Through his coaching, I have been able to approach challenges more thoughtfully, consider how decisions affect each of my team members, and develop goals for myself that have stuck with me throughout the entire process. Learning through inquiry with Michael has an effect that outlasts any management course or leadership book. I couldn’t be more grateful for my time with Michael. I look forward to working with him more!
— Andrew Heine, Engineering Manager, Atrium
I cannot summarize the life changing impact that the talks with Michael have had on me in one testimony and still feel as though I have done them justice. Michael has opened my eyes to a world I haven’t known and has introduced me to a side of myself that I never knew existed. Michael has such a dynamic coaching style and the hour sessions felt like they could go on for days.

The knowledge and coaching ability Michael has is second to none. Michael and Churchill Consultants came at such a crucial time in my life...I had such big mountains to climb and important decisions to make, but I am glad I had Michael as my climbing instructor and his constant reminders to “Be Brave” still sits with me today.
— Reinhardt van der Merwe, Supervisory Accountant
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Michael facilitated a thought-provoking workshop for our company’s executive team, sharing his experience around “Leading like a Coach.” He practiced what he preached, helping us find our own answers by introducing new concepts and asking powerful questions.

We all had our own ‘ah-ha moments’ and there were so many great takeaways from the session. We have started putting the techniques into practice and are all excited to continue developing as leaders as well as strengthening our connections with our teams.
— Natalie Whelan, People & Culture Lead, Portt, Australia
Michael helped me better understand who I am and how to cope with big and little struggles in my personal and professional life. I appreciated the way he worked alongside of me to show me that I can move forward with hope and confidence as I strive for my greater self. What I liked most is that Michael listened to me with great attention - making me feel deeply understood and very welcome.
— Elena, Education & Training Manager
I have known for many years that I did not have it all together and that I was called to a greater purpose. After many unfocused pursuits, I realized I deserved to have a life that is maximized and sought out a professional coach. I appreciated Michael’s strengths – being intuitive to my needs, his ability to think outside the box, and meet me where I am. My experience showed me that I do have some more work to do but I do not have to go on the journey alone. A coach like Michael helps guide me along the way to becoming my best self!
— Corpreale, Corporate Trainer & Presenter