When you work with Michael you enter a space full of trust, understanding, and the potential for transformation. After some coaching sessions with Michael I did my first corporate training and I rocked it! If you really want it, you too can transform and soar!
— Maria Tsangaridou, Women's Confidence Trainer
Michael helped me better understand who I am and how to cope with big and little struggles in my personal and professional life. I appreciated the way he worked alongside of me to show me that I can move forward with hope and confidence as I strive for my greater self. What I liked most is that Michael listened to me with great attention - making me feel deeply understood and very welcome.
— Elena, Education & Training Manager
I have known for many years that I did not have it all together and that I was called to a greater purpose. After many unfocused pursuits, I realized I deserved to have a life that is maximized and sought out a professional coach. I appreciated Michael’s strengths – being intuitive to my needs, his ability to think outside the box, and meet me where I am. My experience showed me that I do have some more work to do but I do not have to go on the journey alone. A coach like Michael helps guide me along the way to becoming my best self!
— Corpreale, Corporate Trainer & Presenter