Michael F. Seelman

MA, Harvard University; Certified Executive Coach

Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, & Life Coach

Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, & Life Coach

"I help leaders and other successful people master new challenges and gain a greater sense of fulfillment. They bring their commitment to growth and I bring a variety of tailored tools to serve them." -- Michael F. Seelman

About MY Coaching

Are you an accomplished person facing a new challenge?  Believe you could make a greater contribution to your organization, community, and family?  Do you feel like an eagle that needs to soar?  My life mission is to help people and organizations reach their full potential.  I collaborate with clients in diving deep to free inner resources, reveal answers to strategic questions, align with their core values, and create structures for growth while having fun along the way.

In my coaching, I listen deeply to my clients and tailor my methodology to their needs.  I employ mindfulness techniques, visualization, powerful questions, music, action plan development, leadership theories, happiness research, kinesthetic and writing exercises, improv comedy training, & more to serve them and their goal(s) fulfillment.

For executive clients, I offer a Stakeholder-Centered Coaching process as part of Marshall Goldsmith's (#1 executive coach in the world) elite team of certified executive coaches.  I help clients stop behaviors that don’t add value and replace them with ones that do. The leader's stakeholders provide input on areas for growth and suggestions for the leader's action plan.  The process is proven, measurable, used worldwide by over 11,000 leaders and has a 95% success rate.  Over 150 of the Fortune 500 and public sector organizations use it to help their leaders perform at a higher level.

Previously I served in leadership positions at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the White House – including roles in communications, employee engagement, intergovernmental liaison, knowledge management, innovation, leadership development, information technology, administration, and high profile multi-city collaborative violence reduction initiatives.

I studied with leadership scholars James MacGregor Burns, Georgia Sorenson, and Ronald A. Heifetz, earned my Masters of public administration from Harvard University, and received my Chief Information Officer (CIO) certification from the U.S. Department of Defense after completing the Advanced Management Program.